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This is the 1st time I am doing online printing. What should I do?
After having confirmed the quotation online, make full payment then forward your PDF* files to us for printing.

When converting to pdf files, please ensure that the size of the file is the same size of your book. Please embed all the fonts you used for the cover and contents of the book, merge all layers into one and create outline, and convert all colour to CMYK. There will be distortions, wrong fonts or missing fonts when the books are printed if the conversion is not done properly. All contents pdf file must be in single page format. We will not be responsible if there are distortions, wrong fonts or missing fonts during printing. Please note:- we print direct from your pdf files.
How to send PDF file?
Please email or upload your pdf files to us for printing. You can also upload using third party tools like YouSendIt, DropBox, WeTransfer etc.
How does the Insurance coverage work?
We will ensure that your books are printed as per our quality standards. We will not be responsible the moment the printed books are handed to the Postal and/or other delivery service companies. If the books are lost or damaged whilst in transit you need to report and make your claim against the service providers. This is quite a hassle.
Why I need to take up Insurance during transit?
If you select the Insurance option you are fully covered in case your books are lost or damaged whilst in transit from our office to your mailing address. If a claim arises, and it is payable under this insurance coverage, we will reprint for you, hassle free. Time of delivery will depend on destination and mode of transport. This insurance coverage does not include loss of profits.
How to make payment?
Cash, cheques, bank transfers (CIMB 8002981491/HLBB 00300502095) in favour of James Aries Printing Sdn Bhd and online payment via Paypal.
Payment must be made before we can proceed with the printing.
When making payment through Paypal via Credit Card, please logon to Paypal's website, sign in and follow the instructions.
What are the additional charges, if any?
All work carried out at the request of customers are chargeable:
i.e. touch up of pictures, adjustment of book alignment, change pagination, etc. (Min RM50.00 or USD17.00). Simple cover design @ RM250.00 (USD84.00) per cover with maximum 1 amendment.
How long does it take to have the order fulfilled upon confirmation and full payment?
5 - 7 working days upon receipt of confirmation, PDF files and full payment.
What happens if I want to reprint?
No problem, just drop us an email quoting our previous Invoice/Cash Sales number / Book title and make the necessary payment or you can re-submit the Instant Quote and resend your files to us.
How to get started with writing a book?
  1. Most first time writers prefer to use Microsoft Words
  2. Identify the size of your book
  3. Go to page layout, select the size for the page, font type and font size, line spacing for easy reading and provide the standard page margin of 0.75" (19mm) and 1" (25.4mm) for A5 and A4 respectively, on all sides - top, left, right and bottom
  4. Start typing until you are done with the book
  5. Design the front cover, back cover and the spine (thickness 6mm for 100 pages using 80 gsm woodfree)
  6. Select the binding and finishing options
  7. Convert all pages to pdf
  8. For clear print pictures must have a minimum of 300 dpi
What is lamination?
Quite often we were asked, what is lamination? To laminate is to bond a thin layer of transparent plastic film over printed materials such as cards or paper, in our case it is normally book covers to enhance the appearance, strengthen and prevent them from scratches, stains, moisture and/or anything that will shorten the useful life of the covers. Lamination can be done on one or both sides using either gloss or matte plastic films.
How to ensure that the lamination is good and lasting on digital book covers?
Digital printing and offset printing have 2 different characteristics. Digital toner stays on top of the printed materials while solvent ink is absorbed by the printed materials. Thus, when laminating on digital print, we are actually laminating on the toner instead of the paper. If the density of the background is 100% black, blue, red, etc the laminating film may not stick so well and it may peel off later. Sometimes air bubble will appear between the lamination film and printed materials. If the density of the colour is less than 40%, the effect of lamination over the printed materials will be better as the coverage is at least 60%. The curling effect on soft cover is due to the heat that is applied during the laminating process.
What is an ISBN?
International Standard Book Number or ISBN is a controlled identification number which allows booksellers, libraries and readers to locate the exact version your books.
How to apply for an ISBN number?
It is very easy and free. Just logon to any ISBN website and register online/offline. For Malaysian writers just visit ISBN Malaysia website and follow the instructions step by step to register. Once you have the ISBN number, just email to us and we will incorporate onto your book.
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