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The Civil Law Act 1956 (Act 67) is the primary legislative source on which all civil litigation involving personal injury or fatal accidents claims are founded. The Civil Law Act 1956 was amended by the Civil Law (Amendment) Act 1984. The Civil Law (Amendment) Act 1984 (Act A602) came into force in October 1984. Personal Injury & Fatal Accident Claims: Civli Law Act 1956 (Act 67) deals specifically with those provisions of the Civil Law Act 1956 which relate to such claims. all other provisions are ignored. In relation to fatal accident claims, both the dependency and estate claims are well researched.
As an introduction to this publication the Historical Development of various legislation culminating in the Civil Law Act 1956 (Act 67) Is also provided. Notes and case references to the Civil Law Ordinance 1878, the CivilLaw Ordinance 1909, the Civil Law Enactment of 1937, the Civil Law (Extension) Ordinance 1951 and the Civil Law Ordinance 1956 are included. .
The most Important aspect of Personal Injuries & Fatal Accident Claims: Civil Law Act 1956 is that it helps clarity the position of the courts In relation to the types of claims for which the courts will permit a claim for compensation whether it is a personal injury or fatal accident claim. Secondly the statutory provisions which provide the machinery for assessment of such damages are lucidly Illustrated by way of case law. A subject search and Statute Search are also Included for ease of reference. All major decisions are included In the notes to the sections. while in the final part of the publication, i.e. the Casebook Section, all the landmark decisions are reproduced in full to facilitate research and where necessary submission In court.
The law is stated as at April 15 2008
ISBN No: 978-983-3519-12-5
RM 150.00 (USD 41.50)
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